Mutter, ich bin dumm

"Es ist alles lächerlich, wenn man an den Tod denkt"
―T. B.

“Be not comforted. Consolation is not what you need. Weep and be not consoled, but weep.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov  (via)

“Language speaks through us as the origin of speech, but it also speaks through us as the death of speech. It speaks as the moment in which the purposeful agency of speech is finally called into question and in a certain sense undermined. I think it’s appropriate to call language – again, metaphorically – the epitaph of speech, the way in which in any given speech the end of its own agency is inscribed even as that agency is going forward.”

Paul Fry (via)

“A cool thing: no matter where your brain may soar in dreams, you always wake up and find yourself chained to this meatbag of a pre-corpse.”

–  lanyard